You’ve probably heard the term corrective exercises, but you might not know exactly what that means or how they can help. Our team at Anchor Holistic Health in Farmington has put together this guide to provide answers to your questions about corrective exercises.

What Do You Mean By Corrective Exercises?

Corrective exercises are stretches and gentle movements that are prescribed to correct an issue in the body. These can be a combination of body weight exercises, combination movements, resistance exercises, and more. Your chiropractor will determine which movements can stretch and strengthen the target area. Your treatment plan will help relieve your pain, tension, and inflammation while reducing the risk of the pain or injury happening again.

What Conditions Are Corrective Exercises Used For?

Corrective exercises are effective in treating several conditions. They are commonly prescribed for back pain treatment, neck pain treatment, and sports injury treatment. Corrective exercises are also used to treat posture issues and car accident injuries.

When you first go in for treatment, these corrective exercises will start as gently as possible. Our goal is to help you heal – not increase your level of pain. As your body heals, you will have a greater range of motion. You will be able to move more comfortably, and as such, your corrective exercise recommendations will be adapted so that you can achieve optimal results.

The Importance of Working with Your Chiropractor

Every patient’s exercise treatment plan will depend on the patient for two essential reasons. The first is that each patient is different. Their conditions, symptoms, and comfort levels are unique. Therefore, any exercises performed need to be done with those factors in mind.

The second reason is that exercises that are good for one condition may worsen another. For example, specific stretches that are recommended for back pain treatment are great for muscle pain. However, those same stretches could aggravate a herniated disc. The same is true for neck pain treatment and more.

This is why it’s essential to work with a chiropractor before beginning any type of corrective exercise routine. We can provide a full assessment of your condition, taking into account your symptoms, goals, and comfort level. We will then create a personalized treatment plan that will address areas of concern without worsening any other symptoms you might have.

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