Leg cramps, involuntary twitches, and uncomfortable pain during the day or night can plague even the best of us. Anchor Holistic Health in Farmington provides comprehensive pain management for muscle spasms that result in limited range of motion and debilitating pain. Dr. Michele Foxworthy and her skilled team of professionals use a conservative approach for all chiropractic patients in the Farmington and Livonia areas. Let us be your source of relief and care for muscle spasms.

What are muscle spasms?

Almost everyone gets a muscle cramp at one time or another during their lifetime. The key is to know what is the potential cause and how can you prevent a muscle spasm from continuing to occur. Defined as “an involuntary contraction of one or more muscles,” the cramps that suddenly creep in are oftentimes referred to as ‘charley horses.’

Athletes tend to suffer from a spasm when they’ve gone into overdrive with their sport. Sedentary people also feel a muscle spasm when either their diet is lacking in a specific nutrient, or their body isn’t accustomed to movement on a regular basis. Our chiropractic team handles every aspect of your wellness care through several recommended modalities.

Muscle cramps tend to arrive without warning, yet are severely uncomfortable. What you do for relief and how to detect their potential cause is something we educate our patients about at Anchor Holistic Health.

Possible causes of muscle spasms

Once you’ve made an appointment with our compassionate front desk professionals, our chiropractic team goes to work in treating the several types of determinants of muscles spasms. Those include:

  • Lack of stretching
  • Not drinking enough fresh water throughout the day resulting in dehydration
  • Poor blood circulation in the legs
  • Magnesium and/or a potassium deficiency
  • Overstressed calf muscles during exercise
  • Working out in excessive heat conditions

Relief for muscle spasms

Most physicians are quick to treat with over-the-counter medications, however our chiropractor believes in overall wellness for relieving muscle spasms. Some significant healing and treatments at our chiropractic center include:

  • Leg stretches through proper physical therapy and exercise modalities
  • Spinal manipulation to ease lower back pain 
  • Nutritional consulting
  • Recommendations for hydration sources

Why suffer any longer?

If you are in need of serious wellness and restorative care to combat muscle spasms, contact one of our Farmington or Livonia chiropractic centers today. You can call us at (248) 471-1250 to schedule an appointment today!