Technology has brought many benefits to society, however, it has also created lasting postural distortions leading to neck pain, arm pain, arm numbness. Technology is directly influencing the health and function of the body. “Tech neck” or “Technology neck” has become a common problem, caused by the constant use of the frequent looking down with cellphones and computers in daily life. At Anchor Holistic Health in Farmington, MI, we can help relieve the pain and discomfort from text neck issues that has lead to cervical spinal misalignments.

What Is Tech Neck?

Dysfunction of the structures of the neck and upper back, often termed “tech neck,” can occur as a result of holding the head bowed over a computer or smartphone screen for long periods of the day. The more you tilt your head over your phone, the greater the pressure placed on the cervical spine. This action, over time, can cause stress on the upper vertebrae of the spine as well as muscle strain and nerve compression.

Symptoms of Tech Neck

Individuals may experience neck pain, stiffness, loss of range of motion, poor posture, and shoulder and upper back discomfort. Pain can occur intermittently or on a chronic basis. These symptoms can become severe and can impact your ability to move freely for daily activities.

Chiropractic Techniques Can Relieve Tech Neck Pain

Our chiropractor in Farmington offers a number of treatments and therapies to help tech neck. Manual adjustment helps to re-align spinal structures, so they return to their natural position for maximum function. Corrective exercise helps to strengthen supporting muscles and to allow better movement. Massage therapy increases circulation to affected areas and it allows better blood flow and oxygen to painful areas. Heat and cold may also be used to reduce inflammation in the neck and upper back, to improve comfort levels.

Preventing Tech Neck Problems

Our chiropractor can advise you on ergonomic improvements to reduce the risk for tech neck and other spinal conditions. Raising the smartphone to eye level can reduce the angle of the head and stress on the cervical vertebrae. Adjusting computer monitors to reduce neck strain can also help. Training yourself to take frequent breaks from computer and smartphone use can also reduce your risk for tech neck and related spinal problems.

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