There’s a reason we use the phrase “pain in the neck” to describe a truly annoying experience. But neck pain isn’t just annoying — it can be downright debilitating. If you’re looking for non-invasive neck pain treatment in Farmington Hills,  Farmington, Livonia, MI, look no further than Anchor Holistic Health.

Whiplash, Chronic Conditions and Other Neck Pain Causes

Neck pain can be even more frustrating when you don’t know why you have it. Our Farmington chiropractor, Dr. Foxworthy, sees many cases caused by:

  • Upper cervical misalignment – If you suffer from a misalignment in the top two vertebrae of your cervical spine, it’s quite possible that your head literally isn’t on straight. This puts unequal stresses and strains on your neck muscles.
  • Poor posture – Poor posture can cause pain in the neck and shoulder muscles. This is especially evident in cases of “text neck,” in which smartphone users allow their heads to droop forward constantly. 
  • Chronic cervical degeneration – As the neck ages, its discs may flatten and bulge outward, which in turn reduces the amount of space between vertebrae. This can inflame the vertebral joints as a precursor to osteoarthritis. Pressure on cervical nerve tissues due to cervical spinal stenosis can also cause pain.
  • Accident injuries – A traumatic accident can wreak havoc on your neck. Auto accident injuries are especially notorious for causing whiplash. This hyperextension/hyperflexion of the neck can herniate cervical discs, which then push painfully against major nerve roots. Subluxation of vertebral joints and soft tissue damage can also occur.

Treatment Options at Anchor Holistic Health

Anchor Holistic Health can relieve your neck pain through safe, conservative techniques such as chiropractic adjustment and massage in Farmington. Our Farmington chiropractor will first examine your cervical spine and discuss your symptoms and medical history with you. Upper cervical adjustments using the instrument-based Activator Technique can make tiny and painless (yet highly effective) corrections to your head and neck alignment, equalizing weight distribution across weary muscles. Our chiropractor in Farmington can also use spinal decompression to relieve any nerve impingement caused by herniated or bulging cervical discs.

Therapeutic massage in Farmington is another helpful method for relieving neck and shoulder pain. This form of bodywork can loosen tight muscles, relieving painful muscle spasms and reducing inflammation. It also enhances blood flow and drainage to help injured tissues heal more efficiently. Our chiropractor in Farmington may prescribe massage as a helpful “warm-up” to relax your muscles for an easier, more productive chiropractic treatment session. We can even advise you on lifestyle changes you can make to avoid future neck mishaps.

Our Farmington and Farmington Hills Chiropractor Can Help

Don’t let a nasty case of whiplash, chronic neck pain or repetitive strain make turning your head an impossible chore. Call Anchor Holistic Health at (248) 471-1250 to get the drug-free, non-surgical help you need from our Farmington, Livonia and Farmington Hills chiropractor!