Sports injuries are relatively common among people who play sports or exercise regularly. However, you could be at risk if you exert your body incorrectly. If you have suffered a sports injury, you should visit Anchor Holistic Health in Farmington, MI.

We provide various chiropractic treatments, from massage therapy to chiropractic adjustments. Dr. Robert Foxworthy is one of our primary caregivers and will give you excellent treatment. Read on to learn what else you should know about sports injuries and how we treat them in our practice.

What Are Sports Injuries?

Sports injury is a general term used to describe an injury that typically happens during exercise or sports. However, athletes are not the only ones who suffer these injuries. For example, factory workers commonly develop a condition known as tennis elbow.

Conversely, gardeners may develop tendinitis, even without participating in sports. It might be better to think of sports injuries as those that happen to active individuals rather than only athletes. The vast majority of sports injuries affect your body’s musculoskeletal system.

How Do We Treat Sports Injuries?

We offer several different chiropractic care treatment options at our practice. One of the treatment options we offer is massage therapy. When you recall a massage, you probably think of the Swedish massage multiple health spas provide. However, we can perform many massages to help you stay healthy and recover from injury. When it comes to sports injuries, we offer a sports massage.

This type of massage ensures that your primary muscle groups in your sports stay healthy, limber, and loose. This massage therapy can help you avoid injury from sports injuries. We also offer trigger point therapy as an option at our facility.

Specifically, the neuromuscular trigger point massage can find and release tight spots in your body, leading to significant pain relief. That is why it is a popular type of trigger point therapy. We can also perform chiropractic adjustments. These adjustments can be beneficial if your sports injury leads to a herniated disc or back pain.

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