Our Farmington Hills chiropractor understands that the daily experience of chronic headaches and migraines is not only painful, but often exhausting. Our chiropractor in Farmington is dedicated to providing migraine relief and pain management.

Common Causes Of Chronic Headaches And Migraines

When we experience ongoing headaches and migraines it is the body’s way of throwing out a red flag that something is going on within. Tension in the neck and inflammation to the blood lines and nerves that supply this region can be a major cause of headaches and migraines from the perspective of our Farmington Hills Chiropractor. Misalignments can irritate nerves and associated structures causing pain, discomfort and fatigue. When stress occurs, blood flow can even become constricted. 

How Chiropractic Can Help Manage & Treat Headaches And Migraines

Our headache treatment in Farmington aims to treat headaches and migraines at their source. We will ask a series of questions and perform a physical exam to determine the cause of your migraine and headache pain. Our chiropractor in Farmington considers the treatment of headaches and migraines a neuromuskuloskeletal concern since bones, nerves, muscles and soft tissues are involved. We will help restore the communication of this system through varied techniques which may include regular spinal adjustments, massage therapy, nutritional counseling and corrective at-home exercises. 

  • Chiropractic adjustments determine and treat the source of subluxation by realigning your spinal column. Chiropractic is a safe and reliable technique that can help you avoid the use of strong pain medications. We first provide migraine relief. From here our adjustments are aimed at restorative and corrective care and then eventually preventive care. 
  • Massage therapy helps relax tissue so that our chiropractic adjustments can be experienced gently. Massage therapy also helps relax all associated structures and your mental and emotional wellbeing. 
  • Therapeutic exercises have been shown to potentiate the positive affects exerted by regular chiropractic care. We will develop a personalized plan where you perform a set of exercises between your visits with us to continue the momentum and healing that accompanies your massage therapy and chiropractic care. As you heal, we will change your exercise plan accordingly.
  • Nutritional counseling and dietary suggestions also accompany your care with our chiropractor in Farmington. Correcting nutritional deficiencies can help reduce pain and inflammation as well as improve the prevention of further migraines and headaches. You may be eating foods in your diet that influence the experience of inflammation. We will work with you to create an anti-inflammation diet and supplement routine to support your healing journey with us. 

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