Whiplash and sciatica treatment can both be auto accident injuries. A Farmington, MI, chiropractor can help treat an auto accident injury. There shouldn’t be concern about whiplash and sciatica if you treat for these conditions. If you wait to treat longer, then the longer you might have to endure the pain and other effects of the injury. We at Anchor Holistic Health are here to help you recover from your auto accident injury.


Whiplash is a neck injury as a result of forceful and rapid back and forth motion of the head like it was on a whip. A common cause of whiplash is car accidents. The whiplash motion can injure ligaments, tendons, and small tissues in the neck. Although it may not be apparent immediately, many people will have difficulty with moving their head, pain in the shoulders, and pain that goes into the arms and sometimes even down to the fingers.

Whiplash Treatment

After your accident, a chiropractor on our team can evaluate areas of your spine, especially those areas where tenderness appears. After locating them, he or she will begin treating them. The most common way is by specific spinal manipulation. Motion can be restored to the joint by a gentle thrusting motion that is designed to realign the spine.


Sciatica often involves a pain in the lower back, going down the leg and down into the foot. It can be a car accident injury too. The injury can occur with a herniated disc. The pain occurring with sciatica can be pronounced, but it can be cleared up with treatment.

Sciatica Treatment

Sciatica can be treated with chiropractic care. Spinal manipulation and massage therapy can be used to help alleviate the symptoms of sciatica A chiropractor on our team might also give lifestyle advice to avoid triggers and to help speed up healing. A regimen of corrective exercises might also be beneficial at home.

Visit a Chiropractor on Our Team for Your Auto Accident Injury

Try Dr. Michele here at Anchor Holistic Health in Farmington, MI, for help getting relief from whiplash and sciatica after a car accident. A treatment plan can be put in place, and we can help you regain your pain free lifestyle! We’ll take your treatment seriously and slowly if we need to. Auto Insurance cover Chiropractic care. Call us at (248) 471-1250 for more information.