Your Mood is something that affects many aspects of your health from your heart to your thyroid to your sleep cycle to your menstrual cycle.  So, as the daylight hours start to wane this winter season, how can you keep your mood elevated?

I tell my patients that mood is affected by many things. So, in order to address your mood concerns, you have to be willing to optimize many aspects of your life.  But, if you can do so, not only will your mood improve but also your overall health.

There are five easy ways to keep your mood elevated this winter season:

1)  Stay in touch with your loved ones

2) Keep touching your furry friends

3) Light therapy isn’t a thing of the past.

4) Keep your kitchen stocked full of vegetables and avoid sugars.

5) Keep your body moving throughout the winter season.

Social support is something that is important in managing our mood .  When we are surrounded by friends and loved ones, we manage our stressors and mood triggers better.

Pets and animals seem to cheer people up and so if you are an animal person, you should spend time with your pet or spend time with your friends who have pets. 

Many of you lack enough light exposure during the winter time. Look into investing in a Happy Light for therapy at home.

What we eat can trigger our brain to secrete different chemicals. So, if you eat a diet high in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins in the form of vegetables and avoid sugars, you mood will likely be more stable. 

Finally, exercise is always helpful for mood because when you exercise, you release more endorphins and it helps to trigger better mood.


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