Simple ways to minimize your risk of illness.

I have learned to recognize that, when we first feel a cold coming on, it’s important to cleanse the system out completely, so the pathogens don’t have much to live and breed on.  This is why it’s important to immediately cleanse the sinuses with saline solutions like the neti-pot.

If you feel run down, start drinking fresh vegetable juices: add fress, raw garlic to your daily meals: ramp up your consumption of digestive enzymes and probiotics: plus don’t forget a few essential nutritional supplements (i.e. vitamin C, Zinc) which will help to neutralize those pathogens safely and quickly.

Here’s how to get over a cold fast- Without the need for toxic medications.

1) Drink grapefruit/lemon/ginger/garlic tonic daily.

2) Take 5 times the amount of daily probiotics and enzymes as usual.

3) Give yourself a quick coffee enema.

4) Drink 1/2 of your body weight ( in ounces) of purified water with some lemon wedges added.

5) Eat blended foods: Blended veggie soups heavy on the garlic and ginger.

6) Get plenty of rest and keep your body warm. Maybe take a Sauna.

7) Take olive leaf extract, astragalus and grapefruit seed extract- daily.

8) Stay away from eating a diet rich in processed sugars and conventionally – raised dairy products.

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