As the New Year begins, it’s time to refocus on taking care of ourselves!

That process starts with Detoxing our bodies from the Holiday over

indulgences and just lifestyles that cause toxicity or deficiencies.

These are examples of issues that you may need to address this New Year for improved vitality, energy, health!

Environmental Toxins

Digestive/absorptive dysfunctions

Emotional stress

Spinal- Neurological abberations

Poor detoxification pathways

Mitochondria dysfunction

Viral, Bacterial, Fungal, Parasitic pathogens


Drug reactions

Heavy Metal toxicity

Adrenal dysfunction

Circulatory abnormalities

Mineral Imbalances

Sugar-handling imbalances

Allergies/ food sensitivies

Thyroid dysfunction

Immune System imbalances

Intestinal hypermeability

Hormonal dysfunction

It is only when the total body burden of mental and physical stressors has been sufficiently reduced, that the body is able to reverse damages from years of overload and heal…the lower the total load, the higher your total health.

Inquire about our January Detox Specials. Start the year out cleansing!

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