Get Up Now!

It seems like every month more research shows the health impact of sedentary

lifestyles, and seeing these new studies so prevalently tells me that there, is a growing

awareness about the importance of posture on overall health and longevity. 

Medicine reported growing evidence now linking a sedentary lifestyle with an 

increased risk of premature death from cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and even

some cancers.

Prevention tips:

* Taking regular breaks at work

* Standing up more often: Spending 2-4 hours of the work day standing, which for most

of us will mean using a standing desk. 

But it isn’t just being sedentary – it’s the act of sitting itself.  It’s HOW you sit…and stand…and move. Slouch sitting changes the spinal alignment and leads to pinched nerves, in the neck, mid and low back. Also, keeping the body folded affects vital internal organs.  

In the meantime, here are some easy suggestions to avoid pain and keep moving well:

1) Take a posture break every hour.

2) Move smart. Motion is the 1st Posture Principle- your body is designed to move.

Move with symmetry and good form with control to help you get the best benefit from the exercise.

3) Get regular chiropractic adjustments. Proper movement and posture isn’t possible unless the spine is properly aligned.

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