Due to the potentially stressful experience the baby undergoes during the birth process, even with a natural/drug-free delivery, I feel that it is extremely important to have your child checked for spinal subluxation as soon as possible after birth.  Subluxation is the misalignment or lack of motion within the spine that results in stress on the body, and commonly symptoms such as colic, ear infections, or poor sleep.  The birth process is a very common cause of subluxation, more commonly following a delivery that involved medical interventions.  Chiropractors are the only health care providers trained to detect and correct these subluxations, ensuring your little one grows and develops free from neurologic stress.

As children grow and develop new skills such as learning to roll, sit, crawl, walk and play, their spines undergo new forces.  Many of the spinal misalignments we treat in adults are likely the result of such childhood traumas.  Detecting and correcting these misalignments reduces the risk of your child dealing with spinal and overall health challenges later in life.

The best time to have your child examined for spinal dysfunction is BEFORE they exhibit symptoms such as those listed above.  Wellness, or preventative, care for kids is a great way to help keep them happy, healthy, and strong.

On top of all of the amazing health benefits of chiropractic, kids just love getting adjusted! 

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