How A Chiropractor In Farmington Hills Can Help After A Car Accident

Suffering from an Auto Injury in Novi or Farmington Hills? If you’ve been involved in an auto accident, it can be very beneficial to schedule an appointment with Anchor Health and Wellness, the chiropractor Farmington Hills families have come to trust for over 30 years. How can our chiropractic care help you after a car accident?

We Will Document Your Auto Accident Injury

When you visit Anchor Heath and Wellness, we will document your auto accident injury and your treatment. This is very valuable in not only submitting insurance claims but in any legal action that may result from your auto accident injury. It is critical your care is documented by a professional.

We Can Limit Long Lasting Negative Effects

Many people involved in a auto accident will not seek the Chiropractic Care Anchor Health & Wellness offers because they may be “just” experiencing some stiffness or soreness. This can be a mistake. Often soreness or stiffness are symptoms of potentially long-term problems. That headache may even be the sign of whiplash, a common auto accident injury. Not seeking immediate assistance can lead to long-term health issues. Seeking Chiropractic Care is essential to ensuring your path to treating your pain.

We Offer Immediate and Long-Term Relief

Our chiropractic care and massage therapy services can provide both short-term, immediate relief and long-term results. We seek out the root cause of your pain and prescribe a treatment program to address that cause. We do it without potentially dangerous drugs or through invasive surgery.

We Can Put You On a Path to Wellness

At Anchor Health and Wellness, our chiropractor counts on not only wanting to help resolve your health problems holistically, but our goal is to help you live a life filled with wellness. We treat the whole patient using a common sense approach, and we invite you to learn more.

Contact Us and Make an Appointment Today

If you or someone you care about has been involved in an auto accident, call us at 248-471-1250 to make an appointment. Also, ask about a free consultation for new clients!

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