Treating Back Pain with Massage in Farmington

If you have been injured in an auto accident or sports accident, and you have back pain in Farmington massage may help you. We also use massage therapy to treat back pain caused by personal injury and repetitive use. Here at Anchor Health and Wellness we use massage along with care by a Farmington Hills chiropractor. Learn more about our holistic approach to pain relief.

Why Should I Go to Massage Therapy at a Farmington Hills Chiropractor?

A chiropractor is a trained doctor certified in natural pain relief focused on your musculoskeletal system. Your massage therapist will work directly with your chiropractor to coordinate the best treatment for you at this time. Rather than just using massage for relaxation, this allows you to use massage therapy as a form of back pain treatment.

How Does Massage Therapy Provide Lower Back Pain Relief?

When you go to get a massage in Farmington the massage therapist will relax your back muscles. If you are getting a chiropractic adjustment that same day, the massage will loosen your muscles and activate the area for chiropractic care. You can improve the outcome of your massage and chiropractic treatments. 

What are the Back Pain Benefits in a Regular Chiropractic Adjustment?

A regular chiropractic adjustment does two things. It keeps your musculoskeletal system in line. An adjustment also opens up the spinal column and encourages oxygen-rich blood to flow through. This helps to boost healing and reduce pain thanks to the increased endorphins during the process. It also helps to treat all of the nerve endings, muscles, and bones that are connected along the spinal column. 

Meet Your Chiropractor in Farmington

As your leading chiropractor on Farmington we provide comprehensive chiropractic care. At Anchor Health and Wellness we use the latest techniques and therapies to treat back problems. Contact our office to schedule back pain relief in Farmington. All new patients to our Farmington chiropractor will currently receive a free chiropractic consultation and a discount on your initial exam.

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