The Symptoms of Sciatica Treated By Our Chiropractor in Farmington Hills

When we experience pain it can be difficult to trace the source and why our Farmington chiropractor wants to help patients understand how to differentiate between lower back pain, back pain and sciatica in Farmington Hills. 

Is it low back pain or sciatica pain?

You may be surprised to learn that sciatic pain often times does not cause back pain. At your visit we will not only ask questions, but distinguish the source of your pain by performing an exam. Lower back pain in Farmington will often cause symptoms that are localized while sciatica causes pain away from the source. 

What causes sciatica in Farmington Hills?

Sciatica is caused when the sciatic nerve, the longest and widest nerve of the body gets pinched at the L4/L5/S1 vertebral route. This can be from a disc herniation which closes off the otherwise free sciatic nerve. 

Sciatica in Farmington Hills Symptoms

If you are experiencing sciatica in Farmington Hills, you are likely suffering from the following symptoms: 

  • glute tenderness and pain
  • upper and lower leg pain, foot pain
  • leg tends to give out when you walk or from moving to a standing position
  • foot and toes experience numbness and tingling
  • low back may be sore, but not in all cases

Treatment for Sciatica in Farmington Hills

Treatment for the sciatic nerve is aimed at alleviating compression of the nerve at the source. We will determine how the L4/L5/S1 region is involved to remove compression. We will ask you to lie face down on our decompression table. Our chiropractor in Farmington will apply a distractive force to your affected area. This decompressive force will remove the compressed nerve. The other part of treatment involves treating the herniated disc to return it to its proper physiological location. Several treatments may be necessary to alleviate your sciatic pain and discomfort. 

We also treat lower back pain and back pain in Farmington Hills. Ready to determine the source of your pain and treat your sciatica? We look forward to hearing from you at %CLIENT_PHONE%. 

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