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Just about anyone is prone to getting a migraine from time to time–some more frequently and more intensely than others. Dr. Michele Foxworthy is a leading doctor of chiropractic providing headache and migraine relief in Farmington Hills–all without the use of drugs or invasive procedures.

What’s Causing My Headaches?

Headache pain (felt on one or both sides of the head) may occur as a side effect to medication, dehydration, low blood sugar, high blood pressure, stress, or fatigue. Migraine headaches (which tend to be more severe and involve other symptoms such as light sensitivity and nausea) may also be related to nervous system dysfunction, which has a direct relationship to the health of your spine. 

Very often, our headaches and migraines are triggered by abnormal tension in the spine. This tension can be caused by spinal joint subluxations (misalignments) which impose a lot of strain on muscles and other tissues around the neck and shoulders. Disruption in the normal alignment and movement of the TMJ (jaw joint) can also be a factor. 

How Chiropractic Care Provides Headache Relief

No matter what the exact cause of your headaches or migraines, Dr. Foxworthy and her team offer a variety of Farmington Hills headache relief techniques to patients of all ages and backgrounds. The chiropractic spinal adjustment, for instance, is supported by research as an effective and natural means of headache relief.

How, exactly?

First, by adjusting your spine, our Farmington chiropractor helps reduce the amount of strain and tension in your neck and shoulders. Spinal adjustments also act as reset button the nervous system, thus diminishing the strength and size of pain signals being transmitted to and processed by your brain.

Corrective exercises are also useful to stretch and relax tight muscles. 

In addition to providing natural and holistic healing techniques to relieve your symptoms, our chiropractor in Farmington can also help you prevent recurring headache pain. For example, the nutritional counseling and massage therapy services are the perfect complement to the chiropractic care techniques listed above. 

Of course, no two headaches (or two people) are the same. Every person who sees us for natural relief from their headaches is treated with compassionate and customized care. 

Are You Tired Of Struggling With Headache & Migraine Pain? Schedule Your FREE Consultation With Our Farmington Chiropractor

Dr. Foxworthy has been a leading Farmington chiropractor for nearly 35 years. She’s seen thousands of patients recover naturally and drug-free from a variety of conditions–including headaches and migraines.

If you’ve never thought you could find headache relief without relying on medication, then give us a try. Schedule your free consultation today by calling the friendly staff of Anchor Health & Wellness at  248-471-1250

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